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2nd Meeting, 2011 (Session 3)

Tuesday 25 January 2011


Rob Gibson Marlyn Glen
Charlie Gordon Patrick Harvie (Convener)
Alison McInnes Cathy Peattie (Deputy Convener)
Shirley-Anne Somerville

Apologies were received from Jackson Carlaw.

The meeting opened at 2.00 pm.

1. Low Carbon Scotland: Public Engagement Strategy: The Committee heard evidence from—

Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Bob Irvine, Deputy Director, Scottish Water and Climate Change, Mary Mowat, Communications Manager, Communications Directorate, and Paul Tyrer, Principal Research Officer, Environment, Scottish Government.

2. Transport issues related to recent severe weather conditions:

The Committee agreed to defer this item to a later meeting.

3. Appointment of EU Reporter: The Committee agreed to appoint Cathy Peattie MSP as its EU Reporter.

The meeting closed at 3.49 pm.

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Clerk to the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee
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