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18th Meeting, 2009 (Session 3)

Tuesday 8 September 2009


Rob Gibson Charlie Gordon
Patrick Harvie (Convener) Alex Johnstone
Des McNulty Cathy Peattie (Deputy Convener)
Shirley-Anne Somerville

Apologies were received from Alison McInnes.

The meeting opened at 2.00 pm.

1.Decision on taking business in private: The Committee agreed to take items 4 and 5 in private.

2.Scottish Water Annual report and accounts 2008-09: The Committee took evidence from—

Ronnie Mercer, Chairman, Richard Ackroyd, Chief Executive, Geoff Aitkenhead, Asset Management Director, Douglas Millican, Finance and Regulation Director, and Mark Powles, Managing Director, Business Stream, Scottish Water.

3.Draft Budget Scrutiny 2010-11 - witness expenses: The Committee agreed to delegate to the Convener responsiblity for arranging for the SPCB to pay, under Rule 12.4.3, any expenses of witnesses in the consideration of the Scottish Government's Draft Budget 2010-11.

4.Work programme (in private): The Committee considered its work programme and agreed to publish a finalised version on the Committee's web pages.

5.Draft Budget Scrutiny 2010-11 (in private): The Committee considered and agreed its approach to the scrutiny of the Scottish Government's Draft Budget 2010-11.

The meeting closed at 3.52 pm.

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