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2nd Meeting, 2008 (Session 3)

Tuesday 29 January 2008


Rob Gibson

Charlie Gordon

Patrick Harvie (Convener)

Alison McInnes

Cathy Peattie (Deputy Convener)

Shirley-Anne Somerville

David Stewart


The meeting opened at 2.00pm.

1. Water Industry Commission for Scotland: The Committee took evidence on the Water Industry Commission for Scotland’s Annual Report and Accounts 2006-07 from—

Alan Sutherland, Chief Executive, Katherine Russell, Director of Corporate Affairs and Charles Coulthard, Commission member, Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

2. Subordinate Legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instruments—

the Public Service Vehicles (Traffic Regulation Conditions) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2008 (SSI 2008/2);

the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2008 (SSI 2008/3); and

the School Crossing Patrol Sign (Scotland) Regulations 2008 (SSI 2008/4).

The Committee agreed that it did not wish to make any recommendations in relation to these instruments.

3. Petitions: The Committee considered petition PE894 on the provision of rail services between Inverness, Thurso and Wick. The Committee noted the work undertaken by the Dornoch Rail Link Action Group and in particular the recommendation in a Corus STAG 1 Appraisal commissioned into transport options for the north of Scotland, that a STAG 2 Appraisal be undertaken. The Committee recommended that the Dornoch Rail Link Action Group submits a copy of the Corus STAG 1 Appraisal to the Scottish Government. The Committee further agreed to write to the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change advising him of this recommendation and asking him whether he agrees that a STAG 2 Appraisal is required and, if so, what the Scottish Government’s position is in relation to funding such an appraisal.

The Committee also considered PE1064 on the replacement Forth crossing. The Committee agreed to note the Scottish Government’s decision to proceed with a replacement crossing as outlined to the Parliament and in evidence to this Committee. The Committee also agreed to note the response from FETA on the repair work being carried out on the bridge. The Committee agreed that, in light of the decision by the Scottish Government to proceed with a replacement crossing, that the Petition should be closed.

The meeting closed at 3.45pm.

Steve Farrell
Clerk to the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee
Tel: 0131 348 5211