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The remit of the Committee's inquiry was to consider-

  • The progress being made in developing active travel;
  • Any barriers to further progress; and
  • The further action that may be required by the Scottish Government, local authorities and other bodies to ensure that significant progress is made in the development and implementation of active travel in Scotland.


The Committee has completed its inquiry and has reported to the Scottish Parliament.

Read the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee’s 4th Report, 2010 (Session 3), (SP Paper 413)


Written evidence

The Committee issued a call for evidence on 29 October 2009.

Read the call for evidence

Read the written submissions received

Oral evidence

The Committee took oral evidence at its meetings on 24 November, 1 and 8 December 2009, 12 and 26 January 2010.

Read the meeting papers and the Official Reports


The Committee published its report to the Scottish Parliament on 26 March 2010.

Read the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee’s 4th Report, 2010 (Session 3), (SP Paper 413)

Read the news release about the report


Read the Scottish Government’s response to the Committee’s report

Read the Attachment to Scottish Government response - Equality Impact Assessment consultation

Chamber debate

The Committee’s inquiry was debated in the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament on 9 June 2010.

Read the Official Report of the debate

Additional information

The Committee conducted two fact finding visits during the inquiry.

Other information


Contact: for further information on the work of the Committee you can contact the Clerks on 0131 348 5229 or by e-mail at:

  Convener Patrick Harvie MSP riding a bicycle at Holyrood