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1st Meeting, 2008 (Session 3)

Tuesday 18 November 2008


Jackson Carlaw Ross Finnie
Joe FitzPatrick Trish Godman (Convener)
Jamie Hepburn (Deputy Convener)

Apologies were received from Johann Lamont.

The meeting opened at 12.00 pm.

1. Declaration of interests: The oldest member present, Trish Godman, invited Members to declare any relevant interests. No Members had any relevant interests to declare.

2. Choice of Convener: The Committee choose Trish Godman as Convener.

3. Choice of Deputy Convener: The Committee choose Jamie Hepburn as Deputy Convener.

4. Review of SPCB Supported Bodies - witness expenses: The Committee agreed to delegate to the Convener responsiblity for arranging for the SPCB to pay, under Rule 12.4.3, any expenses of witnesses in the inquiry.

5. Decision on taking business in private: The Committee agreed to take item 6 in private.

6. Review of SPCB Supported Bodies (in private): The Committee considered its approach to the inquiry and agreed to:

in principle proceed with the extant independence and financial accountability of commissioners and ombudsman changes recommended in the Finance Committee's 7th report 2006 on its inquiry into Accountability and Governance;

invite written evidence from the Auditor General for Scotland, Audit Scotland and the Accounts Commission on the Scottish Commission for Public Audit's report, 1st report 2008 on Review of the Corporate Governance of Audit Scotland;

write directly to the SPCB, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, the Scottish Information Commissioner; the Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland; the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland, the Scottish Commission on Human Rights, the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, the Scottish Commission for Public Audit, Waterwatch Scotland, the Scottish Prisoner Complaints Commission and all the Committees of the Parliament, in addition to those bodies already identified above, to provide written evidence on matters within the Committee's remit;

invite SPCB and the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth to provide oral evidence on 9 December 2008;

issue a general call for evidence; and

the Committee clerks briefing the SPCB supported bodies on the terms of the Committee's remit and the Committee's approach to the inquiry.

The meeting closed at 12.31 pm.

Claire Menzies Smith
Clerk to the Review of SPCB Supported Bodies Committee
Room T2.60
The Scottish Parliament
Tel: 0131 348 5417