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Annual reports

PE1196/A: Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons letter of 12 November 2008 (34KB pdf)

PE1196/B: Anti-Docking Alliance letter of 15 November 2008 (94KB pdf)

PE1196/C: Scottish Government letter of 1 December 2008 (700KB pdf)

PE1196/D: Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (42KB pdf)

PE1196/E: British Association for Shooting and Conservation letter of 17 December 2008 (17KB pdf)

PE1196/F: Scottish Kennel Club letter of 19 December 2008 (109KB pdf)

PE1196/G: Advocates for Animals letter of 19 December 2008 (143KB pdf)

PE1196/H: Petitioner letter of 21 January 2009 (19KB pdf)

PE1196/I: Scottish Government letter of 4 May 2009 (13KB pdf)

PE1196/J: Petitioner letter of 14 December 2009 (10KB pdf)

PE1196/K: Royal Veterinary College letter of 18 January 2010 (42KB pdf)

PE1196/L: Scottish Government letter of 5 May 2010 (30KB pdf)

PE1196/M: Petitioner email of 9 June 2010 (16KB pdf)

PE1196/N: Report on “Risk Factors for Tail Injuries in Dogs in Great Britain” (Royal Veterinary College and Bristol University – 24 June 2010) (599KB pdf)

PE1196/O: Scottish Government letter of 26 July 2010 (42KB pdf)

PE1196/P: Scottish Government letter of 26 November 2010 (41KB pdf)

PE1196/Q: Petitioner email of 19 December 2010 (25KB pdf)