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PE1073/A: Scottish Prison Service letter of 12 November 2007 (27KB pdf)

PE1073/B: Petitioner e-mail of 7 December 2007 (23.7KB pdf)

PE1073/C: Equality and Human Rights Commission letter of 28 March 2008 (249KB pdf)

PE1073/D: Letter from Sheriff's Association 8 July 2008 (10KB pdf)

PE1073/E: University of London letter of 18 September 2008 (31KB pdf)

PE1073/F: University of Stirling letter of 18 September 2008 (12KB pdf)

PE1073/G: Scottish Government letter of 22 October 2008 (252KB pdf)

PE1073/H: Petitioner's letter of 11 November 2008 (94KB pdf)

PE1073/I: Petitioner's email of 27 November 2008 (12KB pdf)

PE1073/J: Scottish Government letter of 9 January 2009 (216KB pdf)

PE1073/K: Petitioner letter of 2 February 2009 (14KB pdf)

PE1073/L: Additional SPICe Briefing 1 June 2009 (110KB pdf)

PE1073/M: Petitioner letter of 14 June 2009 (12KB pdf)

PE1073/N: Research scoping paper (24KB pdf)

Offender Demographics and Sentencing Patterns in Scotland and the UK: Research commissioned by the Public Petitions Committee in consideration of PE1073 (203KB pdf)