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Annual reports

On 11 December 2008 the name and remit changed from Audit Committee to Public Audit Committee

The Committee has corresponded with the appropriate Accountable Officer in relation to most Auditor General for Scotland (AGS) reports. Details of the Audit Committee's consideration of the reports, along with relevant correspondence can be found on the Meeting Papers and Official Reports page.

Consideration of reports from the Auditor General for Scotland


The Committee conducted an inquiry into the Section 22 report "The 2006/07 Audit of the Western Isles Health Board".

Section 23 reports

Section 23 reports examine the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector.The Committee has considered the following section 23 AGS reports published in 2007:

  • Overview of Scotland's health and NHS performance in 2006/07 (AGS/2007/10)
  • Overseas staff in the NHS pre-employment checks (AGS/2007/9)
  • Police call management an initial review (AGS/2007/8)
  • Sustainable waste management (AGS/2007/7)
  • Estate management in higher education (AGS/2007/6)
  • Primary care out-of-hours services (AGS/2007/5)
  • Dealing with offending by young people (AGS/2007/4)
  • Managing long-term conditions (AGS/2007/3)
  • Edinburgh transport projects review (AGS/2007/2)

Section 22 reports

Section 22 reports concern the audit of accounts of individual public bodies. The Committee has considered the following section 22 AGS reports published in 2007:

  • The 2006/07 audit of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland Administration
  • The 2006/07 audit of the Scottish Arts Council
  • The 2006/07 audit of Western Isles Health Board
  • The 2006/07 audit of Scottish Water


Current Business of the committee