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3rd Meeting, (Session 2) 2006

Wednesday 22 November 2006


Margaret Jamieson (Convener) Brian Monteith
Margaret Smith Cathy Peattie
Mr Andrew Welsh  

The meeting opened at 10.30 am

1. Decisions on taking business in private: The Commission agreed to take agenda items 5 and 6 in private.

2. Pension liabilities: The Commission took evidence on the potential liability for former ombudsman pensions from—

Robert Black, Auditor General for Scotland and Russell Frith, Director of Audit Strategy.

The Commission agreed to write to the Scottish Executive on issues raised during the discussion and agreed to hold a further evidence session if required following receipt of the response.

3. Audit Scotland management report: The Commission considered a management report on Audit Scotland’s 2005-06 Accounts. The Commission noted the report.

4. Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness Examination of Audit Scotland: The Commission considered a report from the Auditors of Audit Scotland, Haines Watts CA, on the economy, efficiency and effectiveness examination of Audit Scotland’s fees and charges.  The Commission took evidence from—

Jay Hussein, Partner, Haines Watts.

And then from—

Robert Black, Auditor General for Scotland;

Russell Frith, Director of Audit Strategy; and

Diane McGiffen, Director of Corporate Services, Audit Scotland.

The meeting moved into private at 11.42 am

5. Response to the Finance Committee’s report into Accountability and Governance (in private): The Commission considered its response to the Finance Committee’s inquiry report on Accountability and Governance. The Commission agreed to consider an amended response by correspondance.

6. SCPA Legacy paper (in private): The Commission considered a draft legacy paper. The legacy paper subject to a minor amendment was agreed to.

he meeting closed at 12.06 pm.

Rosalind Wheeler
Secretary to the Commission

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