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1st Meeting, (Session 2) 2006

Wednesday 26 April 2006


Margaret Jamieson (Convener) Cathy Peattie
Margaret Smith Mr Andrew Welsh.

Also present: Andy Munro, Audit Adviser

The meeting opened at 11.34 am.

1. Audit Scotland’s Provisional Expenditure Plan 2007-08 and Corporate Plan 2006-09: The Commission considered Audit Scotland’s Provisional Expenditure Plan for the financial year 2007/08 and Audit Scotland’s Corporate Plan 2006-09. The Commission took evidence from—

Mr Robert Black, Auditor General for Scotland;

Ms Diane McGiffen, Director of Corporate Services; and

Barbara Hurst, Director of Health and Community Care.

Members requested additional information in relation to savings targets.

2. SCPA Away day: The Commission considered the outcomes from its away day. The Commission agreed the following:

to invite Haines Watts, external auditors to Audit Scotland to conduct a 3 Es examination of Audit Scotland and to report to the Commission in advance of its meeting in November 2006;

to undertake a visit to the Public Accounts Commission, members availability allowing, and to bid to the Conveners Group for funding for any such visit;

to make a submission to the Finance Committee’s Inquiry into Accountability and Governance.

The meeting closed at 12.20 pm.

Rosalind Wheeler
Secretary to the Commission

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