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SCOTTISH COMMISSION FOR PUBLIC AUDIT MINUTES 2nd Meeting, (Session 2) 2004 Committee Room 5 Tuesday 2 November 2004

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Members present:

Margaret Jamieson (Convener)

Mr Brian Monteith

Mr Andrew Welsh

Cathy Peattie

Also present was Andy Munro, Audit Adviser

Apologies were received from Mr Keith Raffan.

The meeting opened at 1.43 pm.


  1. Audit Scotland’s Budget Proposal for 2005-06 (in private): The Commission considered lines of questioning to be put to witnesses at agenda item 2.

  2. Audit Scotland’s Budget Proposal for 2005-06 (in private): The Commission took evidence from-

  3. Mr Robert Black, Auditor General for Scotland;

    Russell Frith, Director of Audit Strategy;

    Ms Diane McGiffen, Director of Corporate Services.

    on Audit Scotland’s 2005/06 budget proposals.

  4. Audit Scotland’s Budget Proposal for 2005-06 (in private): The Commission considered the evidence taken at agenda item 2, and agreed to write to Audit Scotland seeking clarification on a number of issues.

  5. Protocol between the SCPA and Audit Scotland (in private): The Commission considered a further draft administrative protocol with Audit Scotland and agreed it subject to a minor change. The Commission agreed to forward the amended protocol to Audit Scotland for further comments.

  6. Working practices of the Commission (in private): The Commission agreed the following revisions to its working practices:

To recognise that it has an agreement with the Finance Committee which allows the latter to have indicative details of Audit Scotland’s Budget one month before the Executive publishes its estimates at each stage of the Budget process; that secretariat support will be provided by the Senior Assistant Clerk to the Finance Committee and the Assistant Clerk to the Audit Committee; that its minutes and agendas are published on the Scottish Parliament website; that the Commission reports to Parliament on Audit Scotland’s expenditure proposals on an annual basis, and once per session on general SCPA business; and that a private transcript of its meetings will be made by Official Report.

The Committee agreed in principle to meet in public at future meetings as appropriate, subject to a discussion on the implications of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.


The meeting closed at 3.12 pm.


Terry Shevlin

Secretary to the Commission