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Petition by Mr William Burns  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE652  
Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to consider a range of issues including the initiation of a new inquiry into the events surrounding the Dunblane massacre, the 100-year closure order on certain files related to the previous Cullen Inquiry and membership of the Freemasons, the Speculative Society and other similar organisations by the Scottish judiciary.  
Petitioner: Mr William Burns  
Number of signatures: 1  
Date lodged: 26 June 2003  

29 October 2003 :   The Public Petitions Committee agreed to write to the Lord Advocate seeking (a) further details of the framework under which a decision to impose a closure order of 100 years can be made, (b) confirmation as to why certain evidence that does not name specific children also appears to be subject to this 100-year closure order, and (c) an indication of the timescales for publication of the full catalogue of Cullen Inquiry material by the National Archives of Scotland and for any subsequent decisions on the release of material and variations of the closure period. 

4 February 2004 :   The Public Petitions Committee considered petitions PE652 alongside new petition PE685. The Committee agreed to write again to the Lord Advocate seeking further information in relation to petition PE685 and to take no further action on petition PE652. 

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