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Petition by Ann Cassels  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE1334  
Petition by Ann Cassels calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to set out what its expectations are in relation to how, when, with whom and on what local authorities consult when considering the closure or relocation of centres which provide services for people with disabilities and what evidence is there that this, in reality, is what local authorities are doing.  
Petitioner: Ann Cassels  
Number of signatures:  
Date lodged: 15 June 2010  
SPICe Briefing: Briefing for PE1334 

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Written Submissions for PE1334  

29 June 2010 :   The Committee took evidence from Ann Cassels and John Thomson, Fernan Street Action Group and agreed to write to the Scottish Government, a selection of local authorities (Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen), Capability Scotland, Equality and Human Rights Commission and COSLA seeking responses to points raised in the petition and during the discussion. <Link to Official Report 29 June 2010  

5 October 2010 :   The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the grounds that the performance of local authorities in relation to Best Value and Community Planning is routinely and regularly audited by the Accounts Commission also that Scottish Ministers and COSLA have been engaging in a series of meetings to discuss how local authorities will be able to meet their statutory obligations in light of tighter financial constraints. Further, that the Scottish Government launched the National Standards for Community Engagement which set the standards of best practice that local authorities and other public bodies should follow to engage with communities. Link to Official Report 26 January 2010" 

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