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Petition by Tanith Muller  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE1331  
Petition by Tanith Muller, on behalf of Parkinsons UK, calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that NHS boards support people with Parkinson's to get their medication on time, every time, in hospital and at home.  
Petitioner: Tanith Muller  
On behalf of: Parkinsons UK 
Number of signatures: 7573  
Date lodged: 4 June 2010  
SPICe Briefing: Briefing for PE1331 

Written Questions for PE1331  

Written Submissions for PE1331  

15 June 2010 :   The Committee took evidence from Tanith Muller and Gary Hattie, Parkinson's UK and Gerry McCann, Lightburn Support Group of Parkinson's UK and agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Royal College of Nursing, Nursing and Midwifery Council, Association of British Neurologists, Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care, a selection of NHS Boards (Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Highland) and a selection of nursing schools (Glasgow Caledonian University and Queen Margaret University) seeking responses to points raised in the petition and during the discussion. <Link to Official Report 15 June 2010 

5 October 2010 :   The Committee agreed to write to the Royal Pharmaceutial Society, British Geriatrics Society, Scottish Patient Safety Initiative, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Highland seeking a response to specific points. Link to Official Report 26 January 2010" 

23 November 2010 :   The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government seeking a response to specific points Link to Official Report 23 November 2010" 

22 February 2011 :   The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government seeking a response to specific points. Link to Official Report 22 February 2011" 

8 March 2011 :   The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the grounds that the Scottish Government has previously detailed various actions being taken, that every NHS board has completed a self-evaluation of the first four generic standards under the Clinical Standards for Neurological Health Service and that boards were to complete a self-evaluation of the condition specific standards, which includes Parkinson's disease, by January 2011. Further, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is working in partnership with Parkinson's UK to draw up guidelines for pharmacists to increase their awareness of meeting the pharmaceutical care needs of people with Parkinson's. Link to Official Report 8 March 2011" 

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