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Petition by M A J Farnham  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE1328  
Petition by M. Farnham calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to guarantee a minimum separation distance of two kilometres between a wind turbine development and any residential property or building, regardless of whether they are single dwellings or part of a settlement, to minimise potential health, safety and environmental risks.  
Petitioner: M A J Farnham  
Number of signatures: 396  
Date lodged: 27 May 2010  
SPICe Briefing: Briefing for PE1328 

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15 June 2010 :   The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, a selection of local authorities (Aberdeenshire and South Lanarkshire) and Scottish Renewables seeking responses to points raised in the petition and during the discussion. <Link to Official Report 15 June 2010 

5 October 2010 :   The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Renewables seeking a response to specific points. Link to Official Report 26 January 2010" 

23 November 2010 :   The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the grounds that the Scottish Government has provided detailed reasons as to why it would not be appropriate to guarantee the application of a minimum separation distance of 2km between a wind farm development and houses, whether they are single dwellings or part of a settlement. Also, its Planning Advice Note 45 makes noise measurement an integral part of the environmental impact assessment process for wind farm applications. Further, the report of Salford University into Aerodynamic Modulation of Wind Turbine Noise concluded that there is no evidence of health effects arising from infrasound or low frequency noise generated by wind. Link to Official Report 23 November 2010" 

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