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Petition by Ms Petra Biberbach  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE113  
Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to consider ways of re-instating a railway into and through the Borders by way of a debate in the Parliament and by consideration by its committees.  
Petitioner: Ms Petra Biberbach  
On behalf of: Campaign for Borders Rail 
Number of signatures: 17261  
Date lodged: 24 February 2000  

27 March 2000 :   The Public Petitions Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Transport and Environment Committee as lead committee for further consideration, suggesting that it consult the Social Inclusion, Housing and Voluntary Sector Committee, Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee, Finance Committee and Rural Affairs Committee for comment as appropriate. It was also agreed that the Convener would write to the Minister for Transport and the Environment to draw her attention to the strength of public support for the petition shown at the meeting. 

26 April 2000 :   The Social Inclusion, Housing and Voluntary Sector Committee agreed to seek a response from the Scottish Borders Council, the Scottish Executive and the City of Edinburgh Council. This Committee also agreed to support the PPC call for a debate on the issues in raised in the petition. 

2 May 2000 :   The Rural Affairs Committee agreed unanimously to support the petition and the Convenor would write to the Parliamentary Bureau requesting that time be allocated in the Chamber to debate this matter. 

3 May 2000 :   The Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee recognised the advantages that would be brought to economic development and tourism in the Borders and to the rest of Scotland with the re-instatement of the Borders Railway. 

1 June 2000 :   A full Parliamentary debate was held on the Borders Rail Link. 

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