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Petition by John Arthur  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE1083  
Petition by John Arthur calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to support the creation of local museums such as the proposed Leith Museum.  
Petitioner: John Arthur  
Number of signatures: 3072  
Date lodged: 8 October 2007  
SPICe Briefing: Briefing for PE1083 

Written Submissions for PE1083  

6 November 2007 :   The Committee agreed to seek responses to the petition from the Scottish Museum Council, the Scottish Government, the City of Edinburgh Council, COSLA, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise. Link to Official Report 06 November 2007 

19 February 2008 :   The Committee agreed to seek a further response from the City of Edinburgh Council on what practical and financial support it can and will give to progress the establishment of a Leith Museum. It also agreed to seek a response from the Scottish Government on what action it will take to encourage applications and provide practical assistance, for example through capital grant funding, to assist supporters wishing to establish local museums and, on this specific proposal, whether it will consider establishing a working group to help progress this matter further. It also agreed to write to Scottish Enterprise to seek an update on the current waterfront visitor destination development plan. Link to Official Report 19 February 2008 

10 June 2008 :   The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and National Museums Scotland asking them to work with the Leith Museum Group to develop a feasibility study and business plan for the proposed Leith museum. Link to Official Report 10 June 2008 

2 December 2008 :   The Committee agreed to suspend further consideration of the petition until the feasibility study into the propsed Leith museum has been completed. Link to Official Report 2 December 2008 

16 June 2009 :   The Committee agreed to write to a selection of local authorities seeking responses to specific issues. <Link to Official Report 16 June 2009  

3 November 2009 :   The Committee agreed to close the petition on the grounds that proposals for the creation of a Leith Museum are moving forward. <Link to Official Report 3 November 2009 

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