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6th Meeting, 2007 (Session 2)

Tuesday 13 February 2007


Janis Hughes Mr Kenneth Macintosh (Deputy Convener)
Mr Stewart Maxwell  

Apologies were received from Janis Hughes, Euan Robson and Murray Tosh.

The meeting opened at 10.31 am.

1. Legislative consent memorandum: The Committee agreed that it was content with the powers to make subordinate legislation conferred on Scottish Ministers in the Serious Crime Bill.

2. Executive responses: The Committee agreed to raise further points on—

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005: Draft Guidance for Licensing Boards and Local Authorities, (SE/2007/9)

and to draw the attention of Parliament to the following—

the Strathclyde Passenger Transport Authority (Constitution, Membership and Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Amendment Order 2007, (SSI 2007/23)

the Local Electoral Administration and Registration Services (Scotland) Act 2006 (Commencement No. 2 and Transitional Provisions) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/26)

the Sulphur Content of Liquid Fuels (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/27).

3. Draft Instruments subject to approval: The Committee agreed to raise points on—

the Fundable Bodies (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

to defer consideration on— 

the Representation of the People (Post-Local Government Elections Supply and Inspection of Documents) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Town and Country Planning (Marine Fish Farming) (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

and that no points arose on— 

the Business Improvement Districts (Ballot Arrangements) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Gambling Act 2005 (Mandatory and Default Conditions) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Housing Support Grant (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 (Modification of Agency’s Powers and Incidental Provision) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Representation of the People (Postal Voting for Local Government Elections) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Notification Requirements) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft) 

the Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications and Deemed Applications) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/draft).  

4. Instruments subject to annulment: The Committee agreed that no points arose on— 

the Contaminants in Food (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/29)

the Licensing Register (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/33)

the Licence Transfer (Prescribed Persons) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/34)
the Licensing (Closure Orders) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/35)

the Non-Domestic Rating (Rural Areas and Rateable Value Limits) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2007, (SSI 2007/36)

the Notification of Marketing of Food for Particular Nutritional Uses (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/37)

the Sea Fishing (Prohibition on the Removal of Shark Fins) (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/39)

the Sea Fishing (Restriction on Days at Sea) (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/40)

the Registration of Civil Partnerships (Prescription of Forms, Publicisation and Errors) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/53)

the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Re-registration) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/54)

the Smoke Control Areas (Exempt Fireplaces) (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/55)

the Smoke Control Areas (Authorised Fuels) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/56).

5. Instruments not subject to Parliamentary procedure: The Committee agreed that no points arose on—

the Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Radioactivity in Sheep) Partial Revocation (Scotland) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/38).

6. Instruments not laid before the Parliament: The Committee agreed that no points arose on—
the Tourist Boards (Scotland) Act 2006 (Commencement) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/47)

the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 (Commencement No. 1) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/49)

the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003 (Commencement No. 5) Order 2007, (SSI 2007/50)

the Registration Services (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, (SSI 2007/52).

6. Inquiry into the regulatory framework in Scotland (in private): The Committee considered a draft report. The report was agreed to.

The meeting closed at 11.25 am. 

Ruth Cooper
Clerk to the Committee
Tel: 0131 348 5212