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12th Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Wednesday 8 December



Bill Aitken Robert Brown
Cathie Craigie

Margaret Curran (Convener)

Fiona Hyslop

John McAllion

Alex Neil Lloyd Quinan

Keith Raffan

Mike Watson

Karen Whitefield

Also in attendance were Malcolm Chisholm, Phil Gallie and Tommy Sheridan.

The meeting opened at 10.02am


1. Housing Stock Transfer:

- The committee heard evidence from the following:

- Liz Nicholson, Shelter Scotland

- Gavin Corbett, Shelter Scotland

- Robert Aldridge, Scottish Council for Single Homeless

- Chris Campbell, Scottish Council for Single Homeless.

It was requested that Shelter send the committee a copy of a report submitted by themselves to the Homelessness Taskforce and the New Housing Partnership Advisory Group.

It was agreed that members would let the convener have requests for further specific information on Housing Stock Transfer.

It was agreed to write to Alistair Darling MP, Secretary of State for Social Security, to ask when the expected proposals for reform of housing benefit were likely to be announced.

It was agreed to request that Shelter provide the committee with an analysis of the Scottish Executive’s Right To Buy projections.

It was agreed that John McAllion, as reporter for housing issues, would examine the role of finance in the housing stock transfer debate and inform the committee if more evidence sessions were required in the new year.


2. Abolition of Poindings and Warrant Sales Bill: It was agreed that the convener and clerk would discuss the possibility of considering evidence from further organisations within the limits of the agreed timetable.


3. Voluntary Sector: It was agreed that as reporter for voluntary sector issues, Karen Whitefield would examine current issues of concern, consult interested members, and report back to the committee at a later date.


4. Future business: It was agreed that the clerk would arrange a meeting with SPICe to discuss research needs.

It was agreed that a note of dates of meetings for the new year would be distributed to members.

It was agreed that the convener would prepare a report on the work and working methods of the committee in consultation with members.

It was agreed that the convener would write to the Bureau on the committee’s behalf emphasising the disruption caused by the Scottish Parliament meeting in plenary session all day on 15 December.

It was agreed that Robert Brown would report on social inclusion issues at the next meeting of the full committee.

It was agreed that the committee would take further evidence on housing stock transfer on dates suggested by the clerk, including evidence from the minister on 9 February.

It was agreed that the committee wished to hold a meeting outside Edinburgh in the week beginning 31 January.

It was agreed that the clerk would write to the minister for an indication of when the Housing Bill was likely to be published. It was agreed that the committee would consider, and return to, the question of whether it wished to be involved in the pre-bill consultation phase or at the latter stage when the bill was before the Scottish Parliament.

The meeting closed at 12.33pm


Martin Verity
Clerk to the Committee

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