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10th Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Wednesday 24 November



Bill Aitken Robert Brown
Cathie Craigie

Margaret Curran (Convener)

Fiona Hyslop

John McAllion

Alex Neil Lloyd Quinan

Keith Raffan

Karen Whitefield

The meeting opened at 10.04am

  1. Action points from previous meeting: Noted.

  2. Housing stock transfer: The committee heard evidence from the following:

  3. - John Carracher and Jenni Marrow (Scottish Tenants Organisation)

    - Sean Clerkin and Ian Macinnes (Glasgow Campaign Against Housing Stock Transfer)

    - George Mckie (Edinburgh Tenants Federation)

    - Isobel Dunsmuir and Alan Benson (Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations).

    The committee considered the evidence and agreed that there would be further discussion at the next meeting.

    It was agreed that the committee would ask the STO to submit further written evidence on the apparent lack of tenant involvement/consultation and also the situation in areas in the north of Scotland where housing stock transfer was at a further stage of implementation.

    It was agreed that the question of appointing an adviser on the financial aspects of housing stock transfer would be considered at the next meeting.

  4. Timetable of future business: Noted.

It was agreed that the committee would consider whether to appoint an adviser on the drugs inquiry at the next meeting.

It was agreed that the questions of the appointment of advisers, and the timetable of future business would be considered at the next meeting in private.


The meeting closed at 12.35pm

Martin Verity
Clerk to the Committee

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