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6th Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Wednesday 27 October




Bill Aitken Robert Brown
Cathie Craigie Margaret Curran
Fiona Hyslop John McAllion
Alex Neil Lloyd Quinan
Keith Raffan Karen Whitefield


Also present were John Ward, Peter McKinlay and Hugh Hall (all of Scottish Homes)


The meeting opened at 10.02am


  1. Action points from previous meeting: It was agreed that the Clerk would circulate a letter to the Committee from the Scottish Executive with regard to press releases and correspondence.

  2. It was agreed that the reporter on voluntary sector issues (Karen Whitefield) would look into the issue of Police Criminal Record Checks and also a report by Abertay University on Charities and report back to the Committee on both matters.

    It was agreed to ask SPICe if they could produce a mapping exercise providing an overview of social inclusion work being undertaken by public agencies in Scotland.

  3. Social inclusion: The Convener gave a verbal report on the work of the ad hoc social inclusion strategy working group. It was agreed that members of the Social Inclusion Action Teams would be invited to the next meeting to discuss their forthcoming reports.

  4. The meeting was suspended at 10.24am and resumed at 10.25am

  5. Scottish Homes: The Committee heard evidence from representatives of Scottish Homes:

  6. John Ward Chair

    Peter McKinlay Chief Executive

    Hugh Hall Director, Strategy, Policy and Regulation

  7. Housing: The Committee discussed and agreed a programme of work on housing matters, proposed by John McAllion, reporter.

  8. Private/Public meetings: The Clerk’s paper on meetings in public and in private was noted.

  9. Timetable: The proposed forward Committee timetable was amended and agreed.

  10. It was agreed that work on the drugs inquiry would take place on the last Monday or Friday in the month and that housing issues and the Poinding and Warrant Sales Bill would be considered on alternate Wednesdays.

    It was agreed that two drugs seminars would take place on 15 and 22 November. After this preliminary stage, the inquiry would then take evidence through to February.

  11. Items of correspondence: It was agreed that correspondence would be referred to the appropriate reporters.

It was agreed that the Clerk would prepare a briefing paper on the remit of reporters for the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 12.29pm


Martin Verity

Clerk to the Committee

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