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5th Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Wednesday 6 October




Bill Aitken Robert Brown

Cathie Craigie

Margaret Curran (Convener)

Fiona Hyslop John McAllion
Alex Neil Lloyd Quinan
Keith Raffan Karen Whitefield


Apologies were received from Mike Watson

Also present were Johann Lamont (member of the Equal Opportunities Committee), David Chalmers (Scottish Executive Development Department) and Heather Koronka (Scottish European Structural Fund Objective 3 Partnership)


The meeting opened at 10.03am


  1. Private session: The Committee considered business matters in private.

  2. Evidence on European Structural Fund Objective 3 draft operational plan: The Committee heard evidence from-

  3. David Chalmers, Scottish Executive Development Department

    Heather Koronka, Scottish European Structural Fund Objective 3 Partnership

    It was agreed that Keith Raffan and Alex Neil would attend the European Committee meeting on 19 October in order to make representations to it on behalf of this committee.

  4. Further consideration of Voluntary Sector issues: It was agreed that the issue of Scottish Criminal Records Office checks would be returned to at a future meeting.

  5. Karen Whitefield was appointed as the Committee’s reporter on voluntary sector issues.

  6. Action points from previous meeting: It was agreed that the work programme would be updated for the next meeting.

It was agreed that the Convener would liaise with the Convener of the Justice & Home Affairs Committee over the handling of the Proposed Poindings and Warrant Sales Bill.

It was agreed that the Convener would report back to the next meeting on the question of the Committee meeting in private to discuss ‘house-keeping’ issues.


The meeting closed at 11.48pm


Martin Verity
Clerk to the Committee

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