4th Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Wednesday 29 September 1999


Bill Aitken  Robert Brown
Margaret Curran Fiona Hyslop
John McAllion Alex Neil
Lloyd Quinan Keith Raffan
Mike Watson Karen Whitefield

The meeting opened at 10.05am

1. Private session: The Committee considered business matters in private.

2. Evidence from Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations: The Committee heard evidence from-

Martin Sime, Director, SCVO

Stephen Maxwell, Assistant Director, SCVO

Connie Smith, Senior Policy and Research officer, SCVO

3. Action points from previous meeting: Noted.

The Convener had written to the Minister for Communities (Wendy Alexander) on two matters: prior notification to the Committee of Scottish Executive press announcements relevant to the Committee's work; and comments made by the Minister at the previous Committee meeting regarding the submission of papers. 

4. Drugs inquiry - further consideration: It was agreed that SPICe would give an informal briefing at the next meeting following which a seminar programme would be determined.

5. Draft timetable of forward work: It was agreed that in future it would be preferable for each meeting to deal with one subject area (the areas being rotated from meeting to meeting) to allow fuller discussion of issues and more in depth questioning of witnesses.

It was agreed that the Clerk would update the draft schedule. 

It was agreed that members of the Equal Opportunities Committee would be invited to attend the next meeting in order to be briefed on ESF Objective 3 funding.

It was agreed that there would be a thirty-minute business session, to be held in private, at the start of each meeting. Public Committee times, therefore, would normally be from 10.30am to approximately 12.00.

The meeting closed at 12.19pm

Martin Verity
Clerk to the Committee