3rd Meeting, Session 1 (1999)

Wednesday 15 September 1999




Bill Aitken Robert Brown
Cathie Craigie

Margaret Curran (Convener)

Fiona Hyslop John McAllion John McAllion
Alex Neil Lloyd Quinan
Keith Raffan Mike Watson
Karen Whitefield  


Also present for the latter part of the meeting were Minister for Communities (Wendy Alexander MSP), Deputy Minister for Communities (Jackie Baillie MSP) and Deputy Minister for Local Government (Frank McAveety MSP).


The meeting opened at 10.02am


  1. Private session: The Committee considered questions for the Ministers.

  2. Preliminary consideration of proposed inquiry into drugs misuse and social inclusion: It was agreed that the Convener would produce a revised remit for the next meeting.
  3. It was agreed that the Committee would make the strongest possible representations to the Bureau on the question of meeting outside Edinburgh.

  4. Housing: It was agreed to arrange a briefing meeting with Scottish Homes.
  5. It was agreed that the Housing Finance System and Housing Stock Transfer were priority areas for consideration by the Committee.

  6. Forward planning: It was agreed that following the next meeting of the Committee (29 September), meetings would be held weekly and that a Monday or a Friday at the end of each month would be set aside for informal meetings.
  7. The meeting was suspended at 11.23am and resumed at 11.32am

  8. Briefing: The meeting was again suspended at 11.39am and resumed at 11.42am


The Minister for Communities spoke to her paper and answered questions from the Committee on the areas of housing, poverty, drugs and the voluntary sector.

The meeting closed at 12.34pm


Martin Verity

Clerk to the Committee