2nd Meeting, Session 1 (1999)

Monday 23 August 1999



Bill Aitken Robert Brown
Cathie Craigie

Margaret Curran (Convener)

Fiona Hyslop John McAllion
Alex Neil Lloyd Quinan
Mike Watson Karen Whitefield

Apologies were received from Keith Raffan.

Also present were Malcolm Chisholm and Tommy Sheridan.

The meeting opened at 2.04pm


  1. Priority areas of work: It was agreed that the Executive be asked for a statement concerning its programme in the areas covered by the committee and that an early meeting be sought with the minister.
  2. It was agreed that a programme of meetings and seminars with external organisations and individuals be drawn up.

    It was agreed that the next meeting would receive proposals to initiate a programme of work in relation to a national anti poverty strategy. These proposals would be drafted by an ad hoc meeting comprising Margaret Curran, Bill Aitken, Lloyd Quinan, Robert Brown and Karen Whitefield.

    It was agreed that a short-term inquiry be undertaken into the impact of drugs misuse on social exclusion.

    It was agreed that the committee appoint a reporter to examine possible work in relation to housing matters and to draft a work plan for the committee. John McAllion was so appointed and, with the assistance of Fiona Hyslop, would report progress to the next meeting.

    It was agreed that the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations be invited to host a briefing seminar for the committee.

  3. Methods of working: The convener reported that a meeting of committee conveners was to take place on 24th August which would address issues relevant to the working methods of all committees.

  4. Future meetings of the committee: The clerk reported that a draft schedule of committee meetings for the next session was awaiting approval by the committee of conveners and the bureau.

  5. Invitations from external organisations: The convener referred to a list of organisations which have expressed an interest in the work of the committee and welcomed input from external organisations. It was agreed that the clerk would draft a programme of meetings with key organisations.

  6. Other correspondence: The list of other correspondence received by the committee was noted.


The meeting closed at 4.07pm



Martin Verity
Clerk to the Committee