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Health Committee

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Hepatitis C

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SP Paper 398

1 (2001)



Remit And Membership

Committee Report

Annexe A

Extracts From Minutes

Annexe B - Oral Evidence And Associated Written Evidence

Official Report - Meeting 7 December 1999

Official Report - Meeting 26 January 2000

Official Report - Meeting 7 June 2000

Official Report - Meeting 21 June 2000

Official Report - Meeting 20 September 2000

Official Report - Meeting 25 October 2000

Oral Evidence

Minister for Health and Community Care

Written Evidence

Scottish Executive: Report on Hepatitis C and Heat Treatment of Blood Products for Haemophiliacs in the Mid 1980s.

Official Report - Meeting 12 December 2000

Official Report - Meeting 14 March 2001

Oral Evidence

Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Haemophilia Society

Written Evidence

Submission of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Submission of the Haemophilia Society

Follow-up written evidence of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Official Report - Meeting 25 April 2001

Official Report - Meeting 23 May 2001

Oral evidence

Minister for Health and Community Care

Annexe C - Other Written Evidence

Scottish Executive News Release: Executive Moves to Settle with some Patients Infected with Hepatitis C (29 August 2001).

Haemophilia Society: Submission to the Westminster Health Committee Inquiry into Procedures Related to Adverse Clinical Incidents and Outcomes in Medical Care (June 1999).

Haemophilia Society: Response to the Scottish Investigation into Hepatitis C Infection via Contaminated Blood within the Haemophilia Community (December 1999).


Note: The following evidence was also received but is not printed here. Copies may be obtained from the Clerk:

Haemophilia Society: Haemophilia and Hepatitis C Research Report (January 1996).

Haemophilia Society: The Social and Economic Impact of Hepatitis C in People with Haemophilia (March 2000).

Haemophilia Society: Various papers relating to letters in medical journals and meetings involving UK blood transfusion centre directors and others.

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