30th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Wednesday 5 December 2001



Dorothy-Grace Elder

Janis Hughes

Margaret Jamieson (Deputy Convener)

John McAllion

Shona Robison

Mary Scanlon

Nicola Sturgeon



The meeting opened at 9.33 am.


1. Items in private: The Committee agreed to take items 5 and 6 in private.

2. Community Care and Health (Scotland) Bill (Stage 2): The Convener moved the motion: That the Health and Community Care Committee consider the Community Care and Health (Scotland) Bill at Stage 2 in the following order: sections 8 and 9, sections 10 to 14, sections 15 to 18, sections 1 to 7, sections 19 to 22, the schedule, sections 23 and 24.

The Committee agreed the motion.

3. Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman Bill (Stage 1): The Committee took evidence fromó

Mr Michael Buckley, Scottish Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Danny Crawford, Acting Director, Scottish Association of Health Councils

The Committee adjourned from 10.40 am to 10.48 am

Dr James Dyer, Director and Professor Juliet Cheetham, Social Work Commissioner, Mental Welfare Commission

4. Petitions PE406, PE370 and PE283: The Committee agreed to note these petitions and await the outcome of the Scottish Executive consultation on the findings of the Independent Review Group on Retention of Organs at Post-Mortem.

5. Appointment of Adviser (in private): The Committee agreed not to appoint an adviser at the present time. The Committee agreed to consider the draft report on organ donation for transplantation again before making a submission to the Executive.

6. Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Scotland) Bill: The Committee considered its approach to Stage 1 of the Bill and agreed a list of witnesses.




The meeting closed at 12.01 pm.

Jennifer Smart
Clerk to the Committee