24th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Wednesday 31 October 2001



Dorothy-Grace Elder

Janis Hughes

Margaret Jamieson (Deputy Convener)

John McAllion

Shona Robison

Mary Scanlon

Dr Richard Simpson

Mrs Margaret Smith (Convener)

Nicola Sturgeon



The meeting opened at 9.43 am.


Richard Simpson declared that he is director of a nursing home in England, which was relevant to item 2.

Margaret Jamieson and Janis Hughes declared their membership of UNISON, which was relevant to Item 2

1. The Scottish Budget 2002/3: The Committee took evidence from-

Malcolm Chisholm MSP, Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care, John Aldridge, Director of Finance, Scottish Executive and Trevor Jones, Chief Executive, NHS Scotland.

The meeting adjourned from 11.12 am to 11.31am

2. Community Care and Health (Scotland) Bill (Stage 1): The Committee took evidence from-

Neil McConachie, Chief Executive and Douglas Philips, Director of Priority Services & Joint Planning, Association of Health Boards Chief Executives

Eddie Egan Scottish Health Committee, Joe Di Paola, Scottish Organiser (Local Government) and Jim Devine, Scottish Organiser (Health), UNISON

Councillor Ronnie McColl, Spokesperson on Social Work (South Dunbartonshire), Jim Dickie, Director of Social work (North Lanarkshire), Lorna McGregor, Legal Consultant and Anil Gupta, Policy Advisor, COSLA

3. Reports (in private): The Committee noted this item and agreed to consider the report at it's next meeting.


The meeting closed at 12.52 pm.

Jennifer Smart
Clerk to the Committee