23rd Meeting, 2001 (Session 1r)

Wednesday 24 October 2001



Dorothy-Grace Elder

John McAllion

Shona Robison

Mary Scanlon

Dr Richard Simpson

Mrs Margaret Smith (Convener)

Nicola Sturgeon



The meeting opened at 9.34 pm.


Richard Simpson declared that he is director of a nursing home in England and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, which was relevant to item 2.

1. Item in private: The Committee agreed to take item 3 in private at this meeting and at future meetings when considering the draft report.

2. Community Care and Health (Scotland) Bill (Stage 1): The Committee took evidence from—

Pat Dawson, Head of Policy and Anne Thomson, RCN Officer, Royal College of Nursing

The meeting adjourned from 10.07 am to 10.11am

Helen Chambers, Policy & Parliamentary Affairs Manager, John Wilkes, Director and Isobel Allan, Carer, Carers Scotland

The meeting adjourned from 10.56 am to 11.00 am

Dr. Bill Reith, Chairman, Dr. Iona Heath and Dr George Dyker, Royal College of General Practitioners

The meeting adjourned from 11.42 am to 11.46 am

Jess Barrow, Head of Policy and Public Affairs and David Brownlee, Information Officer, Age Concern Scotland

3. Reports (in private): The Committee considered a reporter’s report on organ donation and agreed to schedule another meeting for further consideration.



The meeting closed at 12.30 pm.

Jennifer Smart
Clerk to the Committee