9th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Wednesday 21 March 2001



Dorothy-Grace Elder

Janis Hughes

Margaret Jamieson

Shona Robison

Mary Scanlon

Dr Richard Simpson

Mrs Margaret Smith (Convener)

Ms Nicola Sturgeon

Apologies: John McAllion

The meeting opened at 9:35am

  1. Hepatitis C (in private): The Committee agreed to call for further evidence from the Minister for Health and Community Care and to seek written clarification for the Haemophilia Society and the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service.
  2. The meeting adjourned from 9:49am to 10:17am

  3. Petition PE 145 Vaccinations and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (in private): The Committee considered the reporterís draft report and agreed to discuss the matter further at their meeting on 28 March 2001 and also agreed the arrangement for the media briefing and publication of the report.

Dr Richard Simpson made the following statement: "I wish to make it plain that to the best of my knowledge I do not have, and have not had, any registrable interest in any company involved in the production and marketing of MMR vaccines".

The meeting closed at 12:02pm


Jennifer Smart
Clerk to the Committee