8th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Wednesday 14 March 2001



Dorothy-Grace Elder

Janis Hughes

Margaret Jamieson John McAllion

Shona Robison

Dr Richard Simpson

Mary Scanlon

Mrs Margaret Smith (Convener)

Ms Nicola Sturgeon



Also present: Brian Adam

The meeting opened at 9:42am

  1. Item in Private: The Committee agreed to take item 5 in private. The Committee also agreed to take items on MMR and Hepatitis C in private at their meeting on 21 March 2001.
  2. Subordinate Legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instrument and determined that it had no recommendations to make—
  3. The Coffee Extracts and Chicory Extracts (Scotland) Regulations 2001 (SSI 2001/38)

  4. Hepatitis C: The Committee took evidence from—
  5. Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

    The meeting adjourned at 11:23am and restarted at 11:29am

    The Haemophilia Society

  6. Regulation of Care (Scotland) Bill: The Convener moved motion (S1M-1735)—
  7. That the Health and Community Care Committee consider the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Bill at Stage 2 in the order of the Bill, save that each schedule is considered immediately after the section that introduces it.

    The Committee agreed the motion.

  8. Handling of Committee Business (in private): The Committee agreed a process for handling future business.

The Committee thanked Mary Scanlon for her work on the MMR report.

The meeting closed at 12:55pm


Jennifer Smart
Clerk to the Committee