5th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Wednesday 7 February 2001



Margaret Jamieson (Deputy Convener)

Janis Hughes

John McAllion

Shona Robison

Dr Richard Simpson

Ms Nicola Sturgeon

Apologies: Dorothy-Grace Elder, Mary Scanlon, Mrs Margaret Smith

Also present: Ben Wallace

The meeting opened at 10:01am.

  1. Items in Private: The Committee agreed to take items 4 and 5 in private.
  2. Subordinate Legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instruments and determined that it had no recommendations to make—
  3. The Feeding Stuffs (Scotland) Regulations 2000 SSI (2000/453)

    The Specified Risk Material Amendment (Scotland) Regulations (SSI 2001/3)

    The Specified Risk Material Amendment (Scotland) regulations (SSI 2001/4)

    The National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations (SSI 2001/6)

  4. Regulation of Care (Scotland) Bill: The Committee took evidence on the general principles of the Bill at Stage 1 from the following witnesses—
  5. Community Care Providers Scotland - Annie Gunner, Community Care Providers Scotland; Jim Jackson, Alzheimer Scotland – Action on Dementia;

    Nigel Henderson, Penumbra

    The meeting adjourned from 10:49 to 11:00

    Scottish Care - Jim Proctor (Vice Chairman), Mrs Doreen Stephens, Mrs Rosalyn Carr

    The meeting adjourned from 11:32 to 11:38

  6. Increasing the Effectiveness of Committees (in private): The Committee agreed its response to the Conveners’ Liaison Group.
  7. Committee Business in the Chamber (in private): The Committee agreed the terms of the motion for Committee business in the Chamber.

The meeting closed at 11:54am.


Jennifer Smart
Clerk to the Committee

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