27th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 11th December 2001



Brian Adam

David Davidson

Tom McCabe

Des McNulty (Convener)

Alasdair Morgan

Elaine Thomson

Apologies were received from Donald Gorrie.


The meeting opened at 10.10 am.


1. PFI/PPP Inquiry (in private): The Committee considered its lines of questioning for agenda item 3.

2. Items in Private: The Committee agreed to take agenda items 4 and 5 in private.

3. PFI/PPP Inquiry: The Committee took evidence from—

Professor Phillip Beaumont, Professor of Employment Relations, University of Glasgow;

Martin Gaughan, Regional Officer, Transport and General Workers’ Union;

Alex McLuckie, Senior Organiser, GMB Scotland;

Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser, Unison Scotland.

The meeting was adjourned from 12.07 pm to 12.15 pm.

4. External Research (in private): The Committee received an interim report from its researcher and agreed the structure of the next phase of the research. The Committee also agreed that Tom McCabe and Alasdair Morgan be appointed as the researcher’s Committee contacts with the Convener overseeing the process.

5. Witness Expenses (in private): The Committee agreed the claims for witness expenses.

The meeting closed at 12.52 pm.

David McGill,
Acting Clerk to the Committee