24th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 20th November 2001



Brian Adam

Mr David Davidson

Alasdair Morgan

Dr Richard Simpson

Elaine Thomson

Mike Watson (Convener)

Apologies were received from Donald Gorrie.


The meeting opened at 10.02 pm.


1. PFI/PPP Inquiry (in private): The Committee considered its lines of questioning for agenda item 2.

2. PFI/PPP Inquiry: The Committee took evidence from—

Andy Wynne, Head of Public Sector Technical Issues (ACCA);

Philip Grant, Head of Infrastructure Finance, Bank of Scotland;

Vernon Soare, Policy and Technical Director, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA);

David Dorward, Vice Chair, CIPFA Scottish Branch;

Lynn Brown, Head of Corporate Finance, City of Edinburgh Council (Member of CIPFA Scottish Branch);

Bill Davidson, Northlink Orkney and Shetland Ferries Ltd.

3. Resource Accounting and Budgeting Inquiry: The Committee agreed to postpone the consideration of the Executive’s response to its report until its next meeting on 27 November.

4. Witness Expenses: The Committee agreed the payment of a claim for expenses.


The meeting closed at 12.30 pm.

David McGill,
Acting Clerk to the Committee