20th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 23 October



Brian Adam

Mr David Davidson

Donald Gorrie

Alasdair Morgan

Dr Richard Simpson

Elaine Thomson

Mike Watson (Convener)



The meeting opened at 10.08 pm.


1. Committee Business: The Committee agreed to take agenda items 2, 5 and 6 in private.

2. 2002/03 Budget Process (in private): The Committee considered its lines of questioning for agenda item 3.

3. 2002/03 Budget Process: The Committee took evidence on the draft Executive Budget from—

Ian Walford, Director of Corporate Development, Scottish Executive

Craig Russell, Deputy Head of 21st Century Government Unit, Scottish Executive

Dr Ingrid Clayden, Director of Personnel and Pay, Scottish Executive

Paul Gray, Director, IT, Scottish Executive

Graham Owenson, Head of Division, Finance Administration, Scottish Executive

David Palmer, Finance Co-ordination, Scottish Executive

4. External Research: The Committee received a presentation from Norman Flynn on the external research into Outcome Budgeting commissioned by the Committee.

5. Adviser on the Budget Process (in private): The Committee agreed a draft specification subject to specified changes.

6. Inquiry into the Application of Consultative Steering Group (CSG) Principles in the Scottish Parliament (in private): The Committee agreed a draft submission to the Procedures Committee subject to specified changes.


The meeting closed at 12.31 pm.

David McGill,
Acting Clerk to the Committee