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10th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 24 April 2001



Mr David Davidson

Donald Gorrie

Adam Ingram

Dr Richard Simpson

Mike Watson (Convener)

Andrew Wilson

Apologies were received from Elaine Thomson.

The meeting opened at 10.03 am.

  1. Committee Business: The Committee agreed to take agenda items 6 and 7 in private.
  2. International Criminal Court (Scotland) Bill: The Committee agreed that the potential financial implications of this legislation are sufficient to require the Parliament by resolution to agree to that expenditure.
  3. Voluntary Sector Funding: The Committee received an oral report back from its reporter Donald Gorrie and agreed to consider a written report at its next meeting.
  4. 2002/03 Provisional Expenditure Plan for the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body: The Committee considered a letter from the Presiding Officer and agreed that the written agreement between the Finance Committee and Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body should be amended. The Committee also agreed that it would be sensible for a similar amendment to be made to the written agreement between the Finance Committee and the Scottish Commission for Public Audit.
  5. 2002/03 Budget Process: The Committee considered the Annual Expenditure Report of the Scottish Executive and agreed to write to the Minister for Finance and Local Government for clarification on a number of issues.
  6. Inquiry into PFI/PPP (in private): The Committee finalised the remit for the inquiry and agreed the order of preference for the appointment of an adviser.
  7. Inquiry into Resource Accounting and Budgeting (in private): The Committee considered an issues paper.

The meeting closed at 11.57 am.



Callum Thomson
Clerk to the Committe

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