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9th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 3 April 2001



Mr David Davidson

Donald Gorrie

Adam Ingram

Elaine Thomson
Mike Watson (Convener)

Apologies were received from Dr Richard Simpson and Andrew Wilson.

The meeting opened at 10.09 am.

  1. Committee Business: The Committee agreed to take agenda items 4 and 5 in private.
  2. European Familiarisation Visit to Brussels: The Convener reported back to the Committee on the recent visit by MSPs to the European Parliament.
  3. Meeting Outside Edinburgh: The Committee considered a paper from the Clerk and agreed that it would meet in Perth on 8 June 2001.
  4. Timetabling of Committee Meetings (in private): The Committee considered a paper on the timetabling of committee meetings. It was agreed that the Convener would communicate the committee’s views to the Convener’s Liaison Group.
  5. Inquiry into Resource Accounting and Budgeting (in private): The Committee considered its lines of questioning.
  6. Inquiry into Resource Accounting and Budgeting: The Committee took evidence from—

Peter Peacock MSP, Deputy Minister for Finance and Local Government

David Palmer, Scottish Executive Finance Division.


The meeting closed at 11.36 am.




Callum Thomson
Clerk to the Committe

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