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4th Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 13 February 2001




David Davidson

Donald Gorrie

Adam Ingram Elaine Thomson (Deputy Convener)

Mike Watson (Convener)

Andrew Wilson


Apologies were received from Dr Richard Simpson.

The meeting opened at 10.14 am.

  1. Committee Business: The Committee agreed to take agenda items 2 and 5 in private.
  2. Inquiry Into Resource Accounting and Budgeting (in private): The Committee considered its lines of questioning for witnesses at agenda item 3. It also approved the reimbursement of travel expenses for Dr Jean Shaoul.
  3. Inquiry Into Resource Accounting and Budgeting: The Committee took evidence from—
  4. Hugh Hall, Chairman, CIPFA Scotland

    Dr Jean Shaoul, University of Manchester

    Grant MacRae, KPMG

    Leslie Wilson, Director of Finance, Historic Scotland.

  5. Future Inquiries: The Committee agreed to postpone consideration of this agenda item until 27 February 2001.
  6. 2002/03 Budget Process (in private): The Committee considered a paper from the Clerk and agreed that it wished to appoint an adviser for the 2002/03 budget process. The Committee also agreed that it would produce guidance for subject committees as part of Stage 1 of this year’s process and that subject committees would be asked to report to the Finance Committee by 31 May 2000.

The meeting closed at 12.51 pm.


Callum Thomson
Clerk to the Committee

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