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1st Meeting, 2001 (Session 1)

Tuesday 16 January 2001



Donald Gorrie

Mr Adam Ingram

Dr Richard Simpson

Elaine Thomson (Deputy Convener)

Mike Watson (Convener)

Andrew Wilson

The meeting opened at 10.08 am.

  1. Committee Business: The Committee agreed to take agenda items 3, 6 and 7 in private. It was agreed to take agenda item 3, Declaration of Interest, out of sequence.
  2. Inquiry Into Resource Accounting and Budgeting (in private): The Committee considered how it wished to handle the evidence taking session.
  3. Inquiry Into Resource Accounting and Budgeting: The Committee took evidence from –
  4. Mike Hathorn, Convener, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (ICAS) Public Sector Committee.

    The Committee adjourned at 11.16 am and reconvened at 11.23 am.

  5. Declaration of Interest: Donald Gorrie had no interests to declare.
  6. Education (Graduate Endowment and Student Support) (Scotland) Bill: The Committee considered the response from the Deputy Minister for Education, Europe and External Affairs and took evidence from—
  7. Lucy Hunter, Head of Higher Education, Science and Student Support Division, Scottish Executive.

    Gillian Thompson, Head of Student Support Branch, Scottish Executive.

    The Committee agreed that the potential financial implications of this legislation are sufficient to require the Parliament by resolution to agree to that expenditure.

  8. External Research (in private): The Committee considered a draft report from Professor Arthur Midwinter.
  9. Forward Work Programme (in private): The Committee considered the forward work programme and agreed to hold an additional meeting on 6 February 2001.

The meeting closed at 12.31 pm.

Callum Thomson
Clerk to the Committee

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