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10th Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Tuesday 14 December 1999




Bruce Crawford

Hugh Henry (Convener)

Dr Winnie Ewing

Cathy Jamieson

Dr Sylvia Jackson

Ms Margo MacDonald

David Mundell

Allan Wilson

Ben Wallace

Apologies received from:

Tavish Scott

Irene Oldfather

Dennis Canavan

Also Present:

Keith Raffan

(For item 1) Jack McConnell, Minister for Finance


The meeting opened at 2.04 pm.

1. Objective 3 Operational Plan: The Committee heard evidence from the Minister for Finance, Mr Jack McConnell MSP. It was agreed that the Clerk forward a revised version of the Committee Report (EU/99/10/1) to the Scottish Executive following the meeting.

2. Convener’s Report: The Convener reported on –

Date and time of next meeting. It was agreed that the scheduled meeting of the 11 January 2000 be cancelled. It was agreed in principle that the next meeting will be on the 17 January 2000 in Glasgow. The Clerk was requested to enquire as to the availability of the same venue for Tuesday 18 January.

3. Requests for further briefing: Bruce Crawford requested that the Convener write to the Minister for Rural Affairs in the Scottish Executive to ask for an emergency statement in the Chamber concerning the reported comments by the French Government on the ban on British beef. The Convener agreed to write to the Minister, setting out the general concerns of the Committee, but not explicitly requiring a course of action on the part of the Scottish Executive..


The meeting closed at 3.16pm.

Stephen Imrie
Clerk to the Committee

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