2nd Meeting, Session 1 (1999) 

Wednesday 18 August 1999


Bruce Crawford Dennis Canavan
Dr Winnie Ewing Hugh Henry (Convener)
Dr Sylvia Jackson Cathy Jamieson
Ms Margo MacDonald Maureen Macmillan
David Mundell Ms Irene Oldfather
Tavish Scott Ben Wallace 
Allan Wilson


The meeting opened at 10.32am.

Before considering the agenda, the Convener invited declarations of interest from members who had not been present at the first meeting. The following members made declarations-

Dennis Canavan: works as an occasional journalist

Dr Winnie Ewing: is set to receive severance pay and pension from the European Parliament

1. Scrutiny/sift process for European documentation: The committee discussed proposals for scrutiny of documents by the European Committee. After discussion it was agreed-

a. to ask the Executive to include standard items on equal opportunities and environment within the template for a Scottish Explanatory Memorandum;

b. To amend the flow chart to show that members would receive a list of documents received by the committee for scrutiny and not copies of every document.

2. Structural funds and their implementation in Scotland: The committee received a presentation from Mr Jim Millard of the Scottish Executive's Development Department.

It was agreed to invite the Minister for Finance to attend the next meeting of the committee in connection with forthcoming changes to Objective 2 status in the structural funds. It was also agreed that subsequent to this meeting, the Secretary of State for Scotland would be invited to address the committee.

It was also agreed that the Convener would write on behalf of the committee to the Scottish Executive enquiring into the possibility of using European funds to assist with potential job losses at companies such as Continental Tyres and Volvo.

3. Consultation paper on Community structural assistance in the fisheries sector: The committee discussed a consultation paper on community structural assistance in the fisheries sector. After discussion it was agreed to write to the Convener of the Rural Affairs Committee conveying the points raised by members in the discussion.

4. Role of Scotland House: The committee received a presentation from Mr Owen Kelly of the Executive Secretariat. 

5. Proposed seminar Developing a European agenda for Scotland: It was agreed that members should make any responses to the paper EU/99/2/3 to the Clerk. The paper would then be revised and brought back to the committee at a later meeting.

6. Forward work programmes of the European institutions: The committee discussed the paper EU/99/2/4 on the forward work programmes of the European institutions.

7. Requests from the committee for further briefing: The committee discussed possible areas for further briefing. It was agreed that the Clerks would arrange for briefing material on: the role of the Westminster European Scrutiny Committee; trans-European networks; Scottish MEPs and their membership of Committees of the European Parliament; INTERREG Community initiative, and; latest developments regarding decisions on Objective 2 status.

The meeting closed at 1.01 pm.

Stephen Imrie

Clerk to the Committee