1st Meeting, Session 1 (1999)

Wednesday 23 June 1999



Bruce Crawford

Hugh Henry

Dr Sylvia Jackson

Cathy Jamieson

Ms Margo MacDonald

Maureen Macmillan

David Mundell

Ms Irene Oldfather

Tavish Scott

Ben Wallace (arrived 9.58am)

Allan Wilson

Apologies were received from: Dr Winnie Ewing.


The meeting opened at 9.32 am.


1. Declaration of interests: The oldest member present, Maureen Macmillan, invited members of the committee to declare any relevant interests.

The following members made declarations

Hugh Henry: member of the Committee of the Regions

Ms Irene Oldfather: member of the Committee of the Regions

Bruce Crawford: member of Perth and Kinross Council

Margo MacDonald: works as a journalist writing on European matters

Tavish Scott: farming business

David Mundell: employee of BT

2. Convener: The committee chose Hugh Henry as its convener.

3. Remit of committee and topics for informal briefing: The committee discussed its remit and considered possible topics on which informal briefing should be sought during the summer recess. After discussion, the committee agreed that briefings should be sought on:

  • the European Institutions
  • the Treaty of Amsterdam and implications of enlargement
  • the role of Scotland House and Scotland Europa
  • proposals for the scrutiny process
  • reform of structural funds

It was also proposed to organise an informal seminar on ‘developing the European agenda for Scotland’ to meet representatives of organisations with an interest in Europe. It was agreed that the convener and clerks would bring forward detailed proposals for the seminar to the next meeting.

4. Other business: The convener circulated a press release and asked that the committee endorse it. This was agreed to.


The meeting closed at 10.25am.


Stephen Imrie

Clerk to the Committee