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11th Meeting, 2003 (Session 2)

Wednesday 12 November 2003

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Sarah Boyack (Convener)

Roseanna Cunningham

Mr Rob Gibson

Karen Gillon

Alex Johnstone

Maureen Macmillan

Mr Alasdair Morrison

Nora Radcliffe

Eleanor Scott (Deputy Convener)


The meeting opened at 9.32 am.

1. Subordinate legislation: The Committee considered the following affirmative instrument--

the Agricultural Holdings (Consequential Amendments) (Scotland) Order 2003, draft.

Allan Wilson MSP (Deputy Minister for Environment and Rural Development) moved-

motion S2M-454 in the name of Ross Finnie MSP-That the Environment and Rural Development Committee recommends that the draft Agricultural Holdings (Consequential Amendments) (Scotland) Order 2003 be approved.

After debate the motion was agreed to.

2. Subordinate legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instruments-

the Horticultural Produce (Community Grading Rules) (Scotland) Regulations 2003, (SSI 2003/502)

the Inshore Fishing (Prohibition of Fishing and Fishing Methods) (Scotland) Amendment (No.2) Order 2003, (SSI 2003/514).

The Committee agreed, being content with the instruments, to make no recommendation to the Parliament.

3. Mainstreaming equality: The Committee agreed its approach to mainstreaming equality in its work.

4. Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill: The Committee took evidence at Stage 1 from-

Lloyd Austin, Lisa Schneidau and Jonathan Hughes, Scottish Environment LINK

Professor Roger Crofts

Professor John McManus

Professor Charles Gimingham

Dr Bob McIntosh, Director, Forestry Commission Scotland

Nick Reiter, Director, Deer Commission for Scotland

Professor Donald Davidson, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

5. National Waste Plan inquiry (in private): The Committee considered a third draft report. The Committee agreed the report for publication.

The meeting closed at 12.04 pm.

Tracey Hawe

Clerk to the Committee