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37th Meeting, 2006 (Session 2)

Tuesday 19th December 2006


Sarah Boyack (Convener)
Trish Godman (Committee substitute)
Nora Radcliffe

Also present: Bruce Crawford
Rob Gibson
Maureen Macmillan
Eleanor Scott (Deputy Convener)

Apologies were received from Mr Ted Brocklebank, Richard Lochhead, Mr Alasdair Morrison and Elaine Smith.

The meeting opened at 9.19am.

1. Scrutiny of sustainable development: The Committee took evidence on the scrutiny of sustainable development from—

Marja Ekroos, Counsel to the Parliament of Finland’s Environment Committee.

2. Petition PE799: The Committee considered correspondence from the Minister for Environment and Rural Development and the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST) regarding petition PE799 by COAST on Lamlash Bay.

The Committee agreed to write to the Minister for Environment and Rural Development, welcoming the progress being made on the proposals for Lamlash Bay and noting the petitioners’ concerns regarding an application for a fishfarm development in the area. The Committee agreed to continue to monitor progress on the petition.

3. Petitions: The Committee considered the following petitions—

PE956 by Mary Douglas calling on the Parliament to urge the Executive to ensure the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994, as amended, are applied in relation to ship to ship oil transfers in Scotland; and

PE982 by B Linden Jarvis calling on the Parliament to consider and debate the implications of proposed ship to ship transfers of oil at anchor in the Forth Estuary, specifically focussing such consideration and debate on the likely impact of such operations upon wildlife, tourism, local authority funding of clean-up and how it may use its powers within the 12 mile tidal limits to protect the local ecology, scenery, environment and areas of special scientific interest and habitat within the Estuary.

The Committee agreed to consider the petitions in connection with its forthcoming inquiry into the marine environment, and agreed to take evidence from various interested parties in February 2007.

4. Subordinate legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instrument—

the Plant Protection Products (Scotland) Amendment (No. 3) Regulations 2006, (SSI 2006/576).

The Committee agreed to defer consideration of the instrument and to write to the Minister for Environment and Rural Development seeking further information.

5. Scrutiny of sustainable development (in private): The Committee considered the evidence received to date, and the systems and support that might be required to assist the Parliament in enhancing scrutiny of this issue in the next parliamentary session. The Committee agreed to produce a report on its activity to date on this subject as an annexe to its legacy paper in order to assist a successor committee in deciding how to pursue this issue.

The meeting closed at 10.56am.

Mark Brough
Clerk to the Committee