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25th Meeting, 2006 (Session 2)

Wednesday 6 September 2006


Sarah Boyack (Convener)
Rob Gibson
Maureen Macmillan
Nora Radcliffe
Elaine Smith

Mr Ted Brocklebank
Richard Lochhead
Mr Alasdair Morrison
Eleanor Scott (Deputy Convener)

The meeting opened at 10.03 am.

  1. Item in private: The Committee agreed to consider item 4 in private.

  2. Inquiry into the regulatory framework in Scotland: The Committee considered correspondence from the Subordinate Legislation Committee and the draft report on its inquiry into the regulatory framework in Scotland and agreed its response.

  3. Public petition: The Committee considered PE799 by the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST) requesting that the Scottish Parliament support its proposals to close an area of Lamlash Bay to all forms of marine life extraction (No Take Zone) and the rest of the Bay to mobile fishing gear (Marine Protected Area). The Committee agreed to take oral evidence on the petition at its meeting on 20 September.

  4. Environmental Levy on Plastic Bags (Scotland) Bill (in private): The Committee discussed its approach to concluding Stage 1 consideration of the Bill. The Committee agreed that it would not take further evidence, and agreed to consider a draft supplementary Stage 1 report at its meeting on 20 September.

  5. Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Bill (in private): The Committee considered its approach at Stage 1 and agreed a proposed programme of oral evidence. The Committee also agreed to write to the Minister for Environment and Rural Development to seek further information on the impact of the Bill on sustainable development, and to delegate to the Convener authority to consider any claims for witness expenses arising from this programme.

The meeting closed at 11.16 am.

Mark Brough
Clerk to the Committee