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18th Meeting, 2005 (Session 2)

Monday 13 June 2005


Sarah Boyack (Convener)
Alex Johnstone
Maureen Macmillan
Mr Mark Ruskell (Deputy Convener)

Rob Gibson
Richard Lochhead
Nora Radcliffe

Also present: Mr John Swinney.

Apologies were received from Karen Gillon and Mr Alasdair Morrison.

The meeting opened at 2.01 pm.

1. Inquiry into rural development: The Committee took evidence from —

Panel 1

Andrew Bruce-Wootton, Deputy Chairman and General Manager of the Atholl Estate, Scottish Estates Business Group;

Richard Cooke, Dalhousie Estates;

Mai Hearne , Chair, Angus Rural Partnership;

Mark Johnston , Angus Glens Website;

Panel 2

John Burt, Principal, Angus College;

Anne Mitchell, City of Brechin Partnership;

Mark Taylor, Chair of Brechin Business Association;

John Forster, Managing Director, Forster Roofing;

Panel 3

Mai Hearne , Chief Officer, Angus Association of Voluntary Organisations;

George Allan, Head of Service, Angus Citizens’ Advice Bureau;

Dr E Cohen, Brechin Day Care Ltd; and

Panel 4

Sandy Watson, Chief Executive, Angus Council;

Shona Cormack, Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise Tayside;

Callum McNicholl, Social Justice Manager, Communities Scotland.

The meeting closed at 4.58 pm.

Mark Brough
Clerk to the Committee