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20th Meeting, 2004 (Session 2)

Wednesday 15 September 2004

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Sarah Boyack (Convener)

Roseanna Cunningham

Karen Gillon

Rob Gibson

Alex Johnstone

Mr Alasdair Morrison

Maureen Macmillan

Nora Radcliffe

Mr Mark Ruskell (Deputy Convener)


The meeting opened at 9.53 am.

1. European issues: The Committee considered an update from the Convener on European issues, and agreed to pursue a number of issues in oral evidence with the Minister for Environment and Rural Development.

2. Water Services etc. ( Scotland) Bill: The Committee took evidence at Stage 1 from—

Panel 1

Stephen Boyd, Assistant Secretary, STUC;

David Watson, Scottish Organiser - Unison, STUC;

Bobby Buirds, Regional Officer – Amicus, STUC;

Panel 2

Nigel Bromley, Chief Executive, Gemserv;

Ceri Jones, Regulation and Competition Director – Northumbrian Water, Water UK; and

Panel 3

Professor Alan Alexander, Chair, Scottish Water

Dr Jon Hargreaves, Chief Executive, Scottish Water

Douglas Millican, Finance Director, Scottish Water.

3. Dutch Presidency of the European Union and the priorities of the Scottish Executive: The Committee took evidence on the priorities of the Scottish Executive as they relate to the Environment and Rural Development portfolio from—

Ross Finnie MSP, Minister for Environment and Rural Development.

The Minister agreed to write to the Committee on a number of issues raised.

The meeting closed at 1.15 pm.


Tracey Hawe

Clerk to the Committee