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14th Meeting, 2004 (Session 2)

Wednesday 2 June 2004

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Sarah Boyack (Convener)

Roseanna Cunningham

Rob Gibson

Karen Gillon

Alex Johnstone

Maureen Macmillan

Mr Alasdair Morrison

Eleanor Scott (Deputy Convener)

Apologies: Nora Radcliffe.

The meeting opened at 11.07 am.

The Committee expressed its condolences to Nora Radcliffe MSP on the death of her mother.

1. Subordinate legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instruments—

The Sea Fishing (Enforcement of Community Quota and Third Country Fishing Measures) (Scotland) Order 2004, (SSI 2004/209); and

The Pesticides (Maximum Residue Levels in Crops, Food and Feeding Stuffs) (Scotland) Amendment (No.2) Regulations 2004, (SSI 2004/220).

The Committee agreed, being content with the instruments, to make no recommendation to the Parliament.

2. Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture: The Committee nominated Alasdair Morrison MSP as its representative on the working group to monitor progress under this framework.

3. Inquiry into the Implementation of CAP Reform (in private): The Committee considered a third draft report. The Committee agreed the report, subject to specified changes being made. The Committee also agreed arrangements for the publication and launch of the report.

The meeting closed at 11.34 am.

Tracey Hawe
Clerk to the Committee