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8th Meeting, 2004 (Session 2)

Wednesday 17 March 2004

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Sarah Boyack (Convener)

Roseanna Cunningham

Rob Gibson

Karen Gillon

Alex Johnstone

Maureen Macmillan

Mr Alasdair Morrison

Nora Radcliffe

Eleanor Scott (Deputy Convener)


The meeting opened at 10.02 am.

1. Inquiry into the implementation of CAP Reform: The Committee took evidence from—

Panel 1

John Kinnaird, President, NFU Scotland;

Becky Shaw, Crofting Environment Officer, Scottish Crofting Foundation; and

Stewart Jamieson, Board Member, Scottish Organic Producers Association

Panel 2

Peter Cook, Retained Consultant, Scottish Agricultural College; and

Dr Janet Dwyer, Reader in Rural Studies, University of Gloucestershire.

2. Renewable energy in Scotland: The Committee considered a paper from the Convener regarding the Enterprise and Culture Committee’s inquiry into renewable energy in Scotland. The Committee agreed that Members should contact the Convener with any views on the matters outlined in the paper as soon as possible.

3. Subordinate legislation: The Committee considered the following negative instruments—

the Sea Fish (Prohibited Methods of Fishing) (Firth of Clyde) Order 2004, (SSI 2004/55);

the Domestic Water and Sewerage Charges (Reduction) (Scotland) Regulations 2004, (SSI 2004/68);

the Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2004, (SSI 2004/70); and

the Sea Fishing (Restriction on Days at Sea) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2004, (SSI 2004/81).

The Committee agreed, being content with the instruments, to make no recommendations to the Parliament.

The meeting closed at 11.48 am.

Tracey Hawe
Clerk to the Committee