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Meetings in 2007
4th Meeting 27 February 2007
Papers (pdf) Papers 4 (1.89MB pdf first posted 23.02.2007)
Official Report 4th Meeting 2007
Accounts Commission
Auditor General For Scotland Reports (Responses)
Committee Reports (Responses)
Minute of Proceedings 4th Meeting 2007

3rd Meeting 13 February 2007
Papers (pdf) Papers 3 (1MB pdf first posted 09.02.2007)
Official Report 3rd Meeting 2007
Decisions On Taking Business In Private
"Planning Ward Nursing"
Teaching Profession
Audit Scotland (Work Programme)
Auditor General For Scotland Reports (Responses)
Minute of Proceedings 3rd Meeting 2007

2nd Meeting 23 January 2007
Papers (pdf) Papers 2 (1.37MB pdf first posted 18.01.2007)
Official Report 2nd Meeting 2007
Decision On Taking Business In Private
"Performance Management In The Scottish Qualifications Authority"
Transport In Scotland
"Implementing The NHS Consultant Contract In Scotland"
Minute of Proceedings 2nd Meeting 2007

1st Meeting 9 January 2007
Papers (pdf) Papers 1 (405KB pdf first posted 22.12.06)
Official Report 1st Meeting 2007
Post-Legislative Scrutiny
Section 22 Reports
"Relocation Of Scottish Executive Departments, Agencies And NDPBS"
Minute of Proceedings 1st Meeting 2007